“No comment.” That has often been my answer when I’m asked about my political views, especially when it’s in front of people I’m not close to, let alone people I have never met in my entire life.

But I broke that trend at The National Press Club, when I came face to face with the CEO of CSPAN, and he asked me the hard questions about my beliefs regarding politics, social issues, etc. And well, when Brian Lamb is staring you down, you answer. This was terrifying for me, to stand up and just share my very personal political beliefs, but I knew that it was an important thing to do and I knew that I needed to push myself to break out of my comfort zone, as that’s what WJMC is about.

And, as it turns out, I actually became pretty comfortable talking about my views and was able to engage in not only the discussion with Brian Lamb, but also with my group mates, roommates, and others around me. It feels great to be able to voice my opinion, which is ironic because voicing my opinion is why I love journalism and editorial writing, even though I struggle to voice my opinion regarding things such as politics.

I think that that’s the biggest thing that WJMC has taught me. I have a voice, and a right to be heard. Not only as a journalist, but also as a student, citizen, and human being. We all have a right to speak our mind, make an impact, and use our voice to its full extent. This has only confirmed my desire to pursue journalism, and has motivated me to take extra steps towards accomplishing that dream.

I’ve learned that whenever my opinion is asked, I should never answer with “no comment,” but instead should voice my opinion while I can, and use that power to the best of my ability. I’m going to be a journalist, and I’m going to use my voice. It’s my right.


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